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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The First Give Away!

In honor of football coming to a close for the year and the Super Bowl just around the corner, I decided to give this laptop case away to one lucky winner!

This item is made to fit a 10" netbook. 

Please leave a comment with a way to contact you if you would like to be eligible to win this item, the winner will be randomly selected on FRIDAY MORNING! 


  1. so the laptop case is super cute, as i've seen one in person, i can come to that conclusion. im really excited you are brave enough to share your creations. well done, vicki! love it

  2. I love the laptop case you made! It is a great idea to have a colorful case for something that sometimes is not colorful at is work!
    I want to wish you ALL the success in the world, remember,
    the sky is the limit!
    Tía S.