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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Welcome New FB Fans!

WELCOME to my blog new Scraps & Straps likers! If you came from facebook, you are probably also a fellow crafter and looking to grow your business too. If you have a link or button or blog that you would like to share or have me promote on my blog please send it to me directly or add it as a comment below, I will be glad to add your information to my page. I am all about networking!

If you are a repeat reader/visitor, WELCOME to you too! Either way, please click the "join this site" link to the right and join my blog so I know who you are!
Sooo, if you are TOTALLY new, here is a little about me, my blog, and how I work: 

I am a stay at home...wife. My husband and I just moved to Portland, OR where he started his new career at a dream job. We love it here. And hopefully just about settled enough to not move again for awhile. I am looking for a job while I attempt to combine my business degree with my creativity to see what can result from my new business Scraps and Straps. I like to share tips, new ideas, stories, and pictures of my latest creations. I also love to write, so I practice here. I'm not constantly promoting, just sharing mostly. But if you see something you like, I won't tell you not to buy it. If you don't want to buy, but just want to tell me something about it, I really do want to hear your comments and thoughts so please leave them below!! Or, e-mail me anytime at I want to help you promote too, so if you have something you think my readers may be interested in, send it my way!

I also work on slideshows and video creations for parties/events, birthdays, weddings, rehearsals... you name it. You won't find public samples of those on here or any of my pages because people like to keep their old pictures and events private. Just ask me personally and we will work something out. T

I really enjoy reading all your comments, really --- any feedback, communication, responses from any readers out there are always welcomed AND it would let me know I am not alone out here on blog-land! Thanks for visiting, liking, following, tweeting, etc, etc, etc. I love it all!
Happy crafting!