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Friday, February 17, 2012

Wedding season is here

Would like to thank (and congratulate) my cousin on his upcoming wedding for inspiring the following card creations!

Putting Pieces Together

Here is a sample of my patchwork design. I have small pieces of fabric that most people probably discard after they create something, but I keep them so I can make things like this:

I think it adds a fun unique vibe. This one is for a small e-reader. What do you think, patchwork or one plain fabric design for these cases? or maybe just different colors, something similar? Let me know your thoughts, it may show up here on my next blog post! Thanks for the feedback!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coupon Code for New Fans

My shop is now officially back open for business! I had been closed for 6 weeks...yikes!

You can visit by clicking the link above "My Etsy Shop" or through the shop link: 

Now that I am (finally) settled in Portland, OR I have (finally) unpacked all of my sewing/crafting supplies, washed and pressed all fabrics, established the "craft" zone at the new place, I will be getting to work on new items ASAP!!!

For your patience during the transition (and for your Facebook loyalty)  I am offering all my fans free shipping on all items through the end of February. 

Here is your coupon code:

I will be listing new items all week, so please check back,
Thanks again for all your support and patience!