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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dating your Husband

My husband and I just celebrated our 9-year (dating) anniversary. He asked me to be his girlfriend Halloween of 2003... Next year we will have been married 5 years, seems impossible.

We don't really celebrate this anniversary, we usually just celebrate Halloween instead. I always remember it, he says it has been replaced with our wedding anniversary. So, this year I put together a fun little homemade idea I came across to remind us of our dating life and how important it is to keep dating throughout our marriage.

Introducing the Date Jar. I've seen several versions of it online, I put together my own with ideas from each version I saw. All you need is an empty mason jar, some colored wooden popsicle sticks, and date ideas!

It can be dates for any night of the week, I came up with a system that we would pick one each Sunday and plan it for the following week.  The good thing about this is that you can customize it unique to you and your partner!

yellow = stay at home dates
      • Puzzle & Popcorn
      • Make Pizza & Italian Movie
      • Football & Nachos
      • Fondue & French Movie
      • Takeout & Board Games
      • Bake Something NEW Together
      • Card Games & Cocktails 
blue = going out $ dates
      • Mexican Food & Margaritas
      • Brunch Date
      • Bike Ride & Picnic
      • Coffee & Shopping
      • Bar Bingo/Trivia Night
      • Dessert Only Date
      • Drinks & Ping Pong
green = plan ahead $$ dates
      • Weekend Getaway
      • College Football Game
      • Whale Watching
      • National Park Visit
      • Skiing
      • Bed & Breakfast
      • Concert & Dinner
It was fun coming up with all the date night options. You could even put one together.... together. Make sure you include things both of you like to do and some new things you've never done, unique to YOUR relationship!

I found it was a quick, inexpensive, and thoughtful gift. Those are hard to find. My husband really enjoyed the idea and appreciated the fact I came up with things we can do together... considering both of our total indecisiveness, it is really helpful! Make sure he knows not to open it out and READ them all first (big mistake I almost made hah!).

Hope this helps you spice up your married dating life!