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Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Thursday on Alberta - August Edition

Another successful Portland craft show last night. My loving husband came home from work a little early to accompany me to set up at Last Thursday on Alberta, a monthly street festival in NE Portland.

I did this festival for the first time last month (in July) and it was a huge success. For me. I'm just a little guy compared to these life long crafters.

The street closes at 6pm but you can set up on the sidewalk anytime, as long as you don't move your stuff into the streets before 6pm. I showed up around 5 last time and that seemed to work fine. This week, not OK. Since it's free to set up, people don't mess around. I ended up in front of Townshend's Tea House, squeezing between a lady that had been setting up in that same spot for 5 years, every month and gets there around 11am (1st sign I am a rookie) and another 2 girls setting up their canopy of bowties for sale (super cute). Anyways, this location was good, but not as great as last months in front of The Hilt. I think after a certain hour it didn't really matter because the streets were packed.

This may be the last month the weather is nice enough for it, but I really enjoy this one. We packed up around 10pm, around the time when the "buying crafts" type of people are replaced with the "get drunk and dance" kind of people. It looked like the party was just getting started. A little more energy and we might have stuck around to watch, great people watching event.

Here are some pics of my display before the sun went down. I'm still working with a few tables and a flat display. Until I can keep more inventory and do shows more regularly, this is how it's going to be. My goal is to up it to a booth by December, I'll keep you posted. Good thing is, people don't care what your stuff looks like, handmade? OK good I'll take it.

Setting up.

iPad Cases...
I discovered owls are so in right now.

Reusable Snack Bags...


Bike Stuff in Every Size....

Cell Phone Cases...


So I met some interesting people, made several sales, and I even ran out of business cards. I like it!

My next show will be Sunday, September 16 at Portland Center for Performing Arts 25th Anniversary with Handmade NW. It is from noon to 5pm, come out and join us!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Go Green at Lunchtime

Here is my first shot at reusable snack bags brought to you by Cotton Bottom Mama and her Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial. Found her on Pinterest and became an immediate follower. 

This is a super easy to make baggie and cute cute cute design. You can make them any size, this one ended up at a 6" x 8" size when closed.

I used my bike fabric scraps, but I think I will like it better with a food themed fabric, apples or something similar...

Also, I used a rip-stop nylon on the inside. The fabric store people suggested this was my best option and usually what people buy for these types of food bags.
I love that there is no velcro or anything to get crumbs caught in and the design still keeps your snacks safe and fresh, for a few hours anyways, its not a cooler!

I am currently using this one as a sample -- as I do with all my products before I start shouting about how awesome they are, although I guess I already did that with this one!

Thanks Cotton Bottom Mama for the great tutorial!

Inside - grab snacks without flipping completely open...

Inside - Flip the strap back and grab your snacks!