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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Go Green at Lunchtime

Here is my first shot at reusable snack bags brought to you by Cotton Bottom Mama and her Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial. Found her on Pinterest and became an immediate follower. 

This is a super easy to make baggie and cute cute cute design. You can make them any size, this one ended up at a 6" x 8" size when closed.

I used my bike fabric scraps, but I think I will like it better with a food themed fabric, apples or something similar...

Also, I used a rip-stop nylon on the inside. The fabric store people suggested this was my best option and usually what people buy for these types of food bags.
I love that there is no velcro or anything to get crumbs caught in and the design still keeps your snacks safe and fresh, for a few hours anyways, its not a cooler!

I am currently using this one as a sample -- as I do with all my products before I start shouting about how awesome they are, although I guess I already did that with this one!

Thanks Cotton Bottom Mama for the great tutorial!

Inside - grab snacks without flipping completely open...

Inside - Flip the strap back and grab your snacks!


  1. Super cute! Love the bicycle fabric. Thanks for sharing and for linking back to my tutorial. Hope you enjoy using your snack bags!

  2. Is the green coloured lining the rip-stop nylon?