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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How Pinterest Ideas Run My Life

I could spend my life looking at all these cute blogs and great ideas to get me motivated, but the truth is I'm not great at following through.

I realized recently that too many of my conversations start with that sentence "So, I found this thing on Pinterest....<Insert cool thing I will never have, do, or attempt>. My husband tells me I should just eliminate the "On Pinterest" part and then I could sound normal.... "So, I found this thing" 

Anyways, for the record, I am following through with something I found on Pinterest! Finally!

Well, actually this would be #2 thing that I am doing. #1 is a T-Shirt Quilt using old t-shirts I can't seem to throw away, ever. I started working on it, but not enough done to show pictures yet.... BUT it's going to be amazing when it's done, I'm super excited about it, but that's all I can share right now :)

I don't know if I can link directly to Pinterest since you have to have an account to open it up, but this is the one I'm working on....T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial. I promise pictures of my progress and definitely a blog of my experiences once I get something that somewhat resembles a quilt. It might be a while though..

My #2 Pinterest project is a 5 year journal, an idea by Tami Taylor.

A WHAT?! Yeah that was my initial reaction too. Doing anything for 5 years sounds intense. Don't worry - it's not that bad! It's a super cute idea, and it is super super easy to keep up with. I know it is a little ambitious of me to start with such a long-term project so I am willing to accept your ridicule and stuff shortly but first I'll tell you about it, then you be the judge.

Each month she posts a series of prompts/questions to answer for each day. And each day you write down your answer, for 5 years. Quick, easy, to the point. I am obsessed with journals and anything writing related, it's something you can do every night before bed, and you can compare where you are year to year (coolest part). I started with October, and so far am going strong. Laughing now would be appropriate since October is not over yet, so not much to be proud of.

I will keep you posted on my progress, see if I make it past the first month or two. But I am aiming for all 5 years, go all in or go home.

The hard part is making the cards, after that, answering is fun! I even made Novembers cards already... month 2. 

I think the hardest part to make this work is coming up with a cute, efficient way to keep your questions and answers. For those of you scrapbookers, there are so many cute ways to put this together.  Here is a creative one I came across...

It's My Life!: 365 Day Filofax Journal - a lot of work, but looks great when finished!

I REALLY like the card method used by the original poster, I wasn't sure I could handle that so originally I opted to use this cute journal I have that has a page for every day of the year. Was going to cut and paste each question onto each page...
In the end, I decided to keep this journal for a thought a day type of journal -- write down something I have accomplished or want to remember from each day. 

So, this is how I am ACTUALLY going to track my 5 year journal/questions...

I got a cute magnetic closing box at Michael's, on sale for $5.99, use 5" x 7" cards and scrapbook away. The back of the cards are blank for answering the questions.  Please excuse the poor quality pics from my cell phone, just wanted to share!
Each  month I'll print off the questions, make a months cards at a time, and answer one question each day! Great idea, great concept, but....Think I can keep doing it?? Ahhh I hope so, thanks for the great idea and inspiration Tami!


  1. I read your post and thought - I could have written that - that's me. So I will start following your blog. Hope you update soon! I am curious. Do you still write your journal?

  2. Did you keep doing the 5 year journal? I'm asking late July 2016.

  3. Did you keep doing the 5 year journal? I'm asking late July 2016.